Keeping my hands out of the biscuit tin – Book Review: The Girls

To kick off the first in my series about things I’ve been doing to replace habitual eating, I thought I’d share my views on last month’s book club* choice – The Girls by Emma Cline.

*The book club I attend is held at the amazing Big Comfy Book Shop. For more details visit their website or to join the online version of the book club, visit their Facebook page.

The Premise:

It’s San Francisco, 1969 and for 14 year old Evie, a long, lonely summer stretches ahead of her before she’s shipped off to boarding school. But then she meets the intoxicating Suzanne and is soon caught up in her heady world of free love, drugs and communal living. But what at first appears to be a whimsical life of freedom soon reveals itself to be one of control and darkness.

My thoughts:

Beware of spoilers from this point on

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