The Results Are In – Week 4

Weight loss:    1.5lb

Current weight:    12st 1lb

Weight loss since start:    5.5lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:    1.5lb

Waist:    33in   (-3in)

Hips:      40in    (-3in)

Bust:      39.5in (-2.5in)

Arms:    12in     (-1in)

Thighs:  24in     (-1in)


Wow! I’m so pleased with both my weight and inch loss this week.  It was tough not to lose heart following last week’s 0.5lb gain, but I’m so glad that I made staying on track my focus.  I’m really going to enjoy buying myself a bunch of flowers for exceeding the mini-goal I set last week (to lose 1lb).

Week 4 - 5.5lb/10.5in loss

Week 4 – 5.5lb/10.5in loss

I’m also looking forward to rewarding myself for exceeding my January goal of losing 4lb.  I have actually changed my mind about my reward – I’m going to treat myself to a new CD instead of a back massage as I’m a bit pushed for time at the moment.  I might make that a reward for achieving my 5% goal.

The next mini goal I’m going to set is to lose 1.5lb by 17th February to get me down into the next stone bracket.

What’s gone well?

Despite my disappointment at last week’s weigh-in, I still managed to stick to the plan for the entire week.  I rewarded myself for this with a nice relaxing bath on Friday evening.

I successfully completed Dry January and had 2 glasses of wine of Saturday night.  I also successfully completed ‘Chocolate Free January’.  I hadn’t planned to have any chocolate on Saturday but I did end up having some Cadbury Fingers in the afternoon but I dealt with this by pointing them using my weeklies.  Simple.

I’ve found it easier to stay on top of my weeklies this week by tracking in advance the things I knew I’d be having that would need to come out of my weekly points (e.g. syrup with porridge each morning, 2 glasses of wine for Saturday).  This has helped me to plan my treats and not be suddenly left with no weeklies for the weekend.

What’s been difficult?

The hardest thing for me this week was staying on track following last week’s disappointing gain.  To deal with this I have constantly reminded myself of why I want to lose weight and have considered how bad I’d feel if I went off track and then ended up gaining even more.

Week 4 - 5.5lb/10.5in loss

Week 4 – 5.5lb/10.5in loss

The week ahead

I’m going to the cinema and then out for a meal with friends on Sunday.  As we’re going for a meal afterwards I’m not going to have any snacks at the cinema, just a diet drink.  The meal is at Frankie & Benny’s so I’m going to choose a salad from their ‘Light Options’ menu and I might have some sorbet if people are ordering deserts.

Thanks for reading.

PS  Other than the numbers on the scales, what do you use to measure your weight loss success?