Another New Year, Another New (Simple) Start

As is typical with the ending of one year and the beginning of another, I have been thinking about what I achieved during 2013, and what I would like to achieve in 2014.

In many ways, last year was a great year for me: I landed an exciting new job which has brought career development opportunities along with an improved work-life balance and I finally married my partner of 12 years.

While the wedding was fantastic, I must admit to being disappointed that I had failed to reach my target weight (or come anywhere close) in time for the big day.  I still had a fantastic time, and I did feel every inch the blushing bride.  But I wasn’t completely happy with how I looked.

So I have decided that this year, after almost 10 years as a (mainly) devoted follower of the Weight Watchers plan, I WILL reach my goal weight.

To help me do this I have decided to start this blog to document my progress and share with you some ProPoints friendly recipes along with my musings on the Weight Watchers plan and weight loss in general.

I’m going to try the new Simple Start programme for my first 2 full weeks back on track so I’ll post about my plans for that following my weigh-in on Monday.  In the meantime I hope to post in more detail about the small, specific goals I’m going to set to help me on my journey.  I might even get time to post a recipe or two before I have to head back to work on Monday.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!