Fat Fighting Foodie Goes Travelling

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that another of my big loves, besides food, is travelling. Being a teacher, I’m lucky enough to get several weeks of holiday off from work each year. Although I don’t manage to go away every time, I try to get away as often as possible and when I do, sampling the local cuisine and restaurants is always a priority; “I suppose it’ll be based around food,” remarked my mother of some recent travel plans!

I thought that blogging on here about my travels would

  • be as good a place as any to do it, and
  • help to nudge me towards (sometimes) choosing the healthier options when travelling
  • hopefully be interesting to all of you!

So I’m launching a new section of the blog – Fat Fighting Foodie Goes Travelling – where I’ll share my adventures with you. Look out for my first trip coming up very soon…

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