P&O Azura 14 Night Mediterranean Cruise – Day 8:Livorno

Last night’s late night meant that I got up a bit later than usual but as it was a port day where we weren’t really planning on doing much, I still went to the gym before hitting the buffet for a late breakfast. It was about 10am by the time we got there and although the main buffet was closed, the smaller buffet was open which still had plenty for us to choose from. The only issue with this buffet is that it is sort of a one-way system so you can’t really look at what’s available before choosing what you want without going back to the start of the queue.

Suitably fed, we disembarked the ship to explore the town of Livorno for a couple of hours. As the port is a large, industrial one, you are not allowed to walk through it and so a free shuttle bus is provided that drops you off at the Piazza del Municipio.

From here we took a short stroll to an old fort that has now been turned into a park and gardens. We then walked through the town to the central market where I was in heaven! There was stall after stall of the most amazing fresh produce and it was great to stroll around, people watch and wish that I lived somewhere where such markets were available to shop at.

Feeling thirsty, we stopped at a small cafe for a beer, where we sat outside and watched Livornans going about their business before heading back to the ship.

After another refreshing dip in the pool, I retreated to my balcony to enjoy the shade whilst watching fishing and pleasure boats coming and going from the harbour.

As last night had been so busy entertainments-wise, we decided to have a more relaxed evening tonight. We went up to the planet bar for pre-dinner drinks and to watch sail away (which I forgot to take any photos of I was that relaxed!).

Dinner in the MDR followed. I enjoyed Beef Goulash and Grilled Chicken with Romesco Sauce. The Romesco sauce was particularly delicious. For desert, the option that tickled my tastebuds was again the chocolate one – I’m beginning to think I might have a problem! It was served with a sweet fennel ice-cream which was what swayed me towards ordering it. It was delicious – aniseedy, yet creamy, yet light. I told the waiter how much I liked it and he immediately offered to bring me some more but I managed to resist.

After dinner, we hit the onboard shops as I was looking for a light-weight,long-sleeved top that will help to stop my arms from looking like crispy bacon when we’re in Rome tomorrow. I managed to find something that I think will be suitable AND they had a 10% off sale AND they were giving out free prosecco!

With an early start and a long day ahead of us tomorrow, we turned in for an earltish night. Rome, here we come!

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