Keeping My Hands Out of the Biscuit Tin – Sewing Projects: Knitting Needle Case

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve taken up crafting over the last couple of years (although Mr FFF says I’ve always been crafty!). I started with painting before investing in a sewing machine and beginning to explore the world of needlecraft.

I started last November after buying myself a sewing machine for my birthday. At that time of the year, it was easy to practise my skills by making a variety of Christmas-themed decorations for myself and my nearest and dearest. But once the festive season had passed, I was a bit stuck for what to make.

Imagine my delight then when my mum decided to take up knitting once again and requested a knitting needle case.

I found a pattern online, had a very enjoyable trip to Hobbycraft to pick some appropriate fabric and trimmings and got to work. It was a tricky little project and I considered giving up on it at one point, but I persevered and managed to get it finished in time for Mother’s Day. My mum was delighted with it and I’d honed my skills, learnt new techniques and enjoyed myself in the process.

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