The Results Are In – Week 2

Weight loss:    4lbs

Current weight:    12st 2lbs

Weight loss since start:    4.5lbs

Lbs to go to reach next target:    0!

Wow! I’m so pleased I stuck with the program this week and achieved a great loss!

What’s gone well?

As I said in last week’s results post, I was disappointed at my weight-loss last week but I still rewarded myself with my Lush bath and reminded myself that a) it was still a loss that brought me one step closer to my target and b) I’ve made healthier choices with my food and exercise that have made me feel better in myself.

Having leftover portions of plan-friendly meals in the freezer definitely helped me to stay on track this week.  Although I plan my meals a week in advance, for some reason I hadn’t included a meal for Friday night.  I realised this on Thursday but was able to fall back on some leftover Moussaka after I’d been to my spinning class.

I’m also delighted that I’ve been able to maintain my ‘No chocolate or alcohol in January’ goal, even though the past two weeks at work have been pretty horrendous.

I’ve also made what I think is a big step for me in addressing my habit of comfort eating: I work with children and we all sit down to eat breakfast at 11am.  The children have toast (white bread) with jam, marmalade or lemon curd.  I’d been eating this in Week 1 and using my daily treats for it.  However I replaced it with a banana this week to try to help increase my weight loss.  On Friday, I felt very stressed and tired and I was going to have a slice.  I was thinking ‘I’ve been good all week and it’s Friday.  So I can treat myself and use my daily treats’.  But then I recognised that this would not help me to break the comfort eating habit and that I need to stop seeing food as a reward.  I ate my banana and I felt very virtuous!

What’s been difficult?

I have been slightly tempted to miss a couple of exercise classes this week with no other reason than at the time, I felt like I couldn’t be bothered.  However, I reminded myself that sitting on the sofa won’t help to bring me closer to my goals and that once I’d completed the class I’d feel better.  I managed to keep the motivation going but I know I’ll need to keep an eye on this over the next couple of weeks.

The week ahead

It’s my dad’s birthday this weekend and he’s coming round for dinner.  I’m going to make some kind of beef casserole and I’ll have a look at my Filling & Healthy cookbook and recipe cards for a suitable desert.  I think the hardest bit will be not having a nice glass of wine with my meal but I am determined to complete Dry January.


Thanks for reading.

PS  How do you stay motivated to exercise?



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