The Results Are In – Week 6

Weight loss:    +1lb

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

Current weight:    12st 1lb

Weight loss since start:    5lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:    1.5lb

So I have small gain this week but I’m not disheartened by it as I’ve had a lovely weekend of being wined and dined (or more accurately beered & takeaway-ed) and eating delicious chocolates for Valentine’s day; then I enjoyed a meal and drinks with my work colleagues on Saturday to celebrate surviving the Half-Term From Hell.  So it could’ve been much worse.


What’s gone well?

I took part in my first parkrun event this week and I really enjoyed it.  I was thoroughly impressed that, despite not running further than a mile in several years, I managed to run for the whole course and completed it in a respectable time.


What’s been difficult?

Loosening the Control Freak reigns was a little difficult this weekend.  While I wanted to have a successful week weight-wise, I also wanted to let my hair down a bit with my colleagues.  Although I don’t like to drink lots (I can’t cope with the hangovers these days), I find that, if I have a few drinks on a Saturday night, even if I stay within my points budget, I usually stay the same or have a slight gain at my Monday weigh in.  In the end, I went out, ate a sensible meal, had a few drinks and really enjoyed myself.  I reasoned that it was a one-off, and I’m in the right frame of mind at the moment not to let it completely throw me off track.

The week ahead

This week could be a tough one as I’m on holiday from school.  I’ll be meeting up with a friend who is also a teacher so we always get together for lunch and a catch-up in the holidays. I’m also going to a really fancy restaurant on Thursday evening for a Friend’s birthday.

To help deal with this I’ll make sure I stay completely on plan for the lunch with a friend.  At the meal I’ll probably go a little off plan but I will look at the menu beforehand so that I can make as wise a choice as possible.  I’ll also make sure I stay completely on track for the rest of the week and I’m going to do an extra exercise class tomorrow to get some activity points in the bank.

I’m also really looking forward to taking part in parkrun again on Saturday.  Who knows – I might even get a bit faster!

Thanks for reading.

PS  How do you stay/get back on track following a slip up?

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