The Results Are In – Week 7

Weight loss:    0lb

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /

Current weight:    12st 1lb

Weight loss since start:    5lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:    1.5lb

 I was pretty pleased with staying the same this week as Id had a lazy week off work

What’s gone well?

I went to a new fitness class this week, a Zumba class that is on straight before the Body Pump class I normally go to on a Tuesday with Mr FFF.  I enjoyed the class and I went on to complete the Body Pump class afterwards without too much difficulty.  I’m planning on making this a part of my exercise routine from now on.

I went to my second parkrun on Saturday and managed to complete it 36 seconds faster than the previous week.  I know it’s not a huge improvement but I wasn’t actively trying for a faster time this week as I was running with a friend who was taking part for the first time.

On Saturday night I faced a weight loss dilemma: whether to cook a nice, plan-friendly meal (which I couldn’t be bothered to do) or to order a takeaway.  In the end, due to thinking carefully about where I want to be and the choices I need to make to get there, I decided I didn’t want to eat rubbish and opted for cooking.

What’s been difficult?

I’ve found it really hard to stay on track and not comfort eat this week.  There were a number of factors involved in this such as being off work for half-term and eating out at an amazing restaurant for a friend’s birthday.  But I’ve reminded myself not to use these factors as excuses – mainly I’ve wanted to relax a little, which is fine, I just have to accept that I’ve put achieving my goal back a little.  The fact that I’d been off-track most off the week was also a big factor in helping me resolve my Saturday’s dilemma (see above).

The week ahead

I’m back at work so that should help me to stay on track in the day.

I’m aiming to do my double exercise class again on Tuesday night although I won’t be able to attend my normal Friday night Spinning class as I’m taking my mum out for her birthday.  I’m looking forwarding to doing parkrun again at the weekend and I’m going to actively try for a quicker time.

Thanks for reading.

PS  How do you stay on track when you are out of your normal routine?

One thought on “The Results Are In – Week 7

  1. Work helps me stay healthy, too. The routine and lack of time to eat makes things so much easier. Days spent at home are always a risk so I try to keep myself busy, like doing a hobby that is time consuming. That’s video games for me. Those are big time-suckers and if I’m really into one then I will totally forget to eat and eventually have to force myself to get up just to get something.

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