This Week I’m Loving: Lush Mesuline Bath Bomb

I am not paid for any of the reviews I write and products that I review are paid for with my own money. Read more on my disclaimer page.

It’s no secret that I love a bath bomb, and this one might just be a new favourite.

I was advised by one of the ever-enthusiastic sales assistants that as a lover of Avobath, I was bound to love Mesuline. According to the description:

…perfumed with zesty Avocado Co-Wash perfume and sure to make waves. Sweet lemony litsea cubeba and cheerful bergamot oil lift your senses, while olibanum will have you floating in no time. Finally a pinch of carrageenan extract hydrates the skin…

Lush Uk

Personally, I didn’t get any of that. I thought it smelled like toffee apples but it was an absolutely delicious scent. Fortunately, I learned many years ago that Lush products do NOT taste* as good as they smell!

Regardless, it was the ideal thing to enjoy on a cold and blustery autumnal evening. If you’re after an indulgent, relaxing and warming bath, try one of these beauties. I’m definitely going to treat myself to some more.

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*FFF once licked a (clean, newly-purchased) bar of Honey I Washed the Kids. FFF is sometimes an idiot. Don’t be like FFF: Lush cosmetics are NOT meant to be ingested. Or even licked.

This week I’m loving – Lush Tadaima Okaeri Bath Bombs

Today was my first day back at work since the beginning of July. Having enjoyed just over 8 weeks of relaxing and pleasing myself, the beginning of the new school year can be a bit stressful as I try to get my head around timetables, displays, class lists and remembering how to teach and get the kids to do what they’re told!

So, as part of my preparation in the last couple of days, as I make sure that my clothes for the week are ironed, my bag is packed and my new school shoes ready to go, I also take time to relax.

This year, that has taken the form of luxuriating in a Lushious bath with a Tadaima Okaeri Bath Bomb. Their website promises:

Make yourself at home with woody sandalwood, syrupy tonka absolute and sweet vanilla. As it dissolves, this sugary but spicy blend fills your bathroom with the reassuring scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Known for its soothing effects on the skin, sandalwood is a gentle emollient that will leave your skin feeling calm and comforted.

Lush UK

At first splash, it was one of their ‘soft’ baths bombs that foams rathers than fizzes. But once the star part of the bomb got going, it started to bubble and fizz and opened up to reveal a golden coloured cave of fizzy loveliness. My bath was filled with a golden, shimmery lustre (that is ok for the evironment) and my nostrils were filled with the exotic spells of a Morrocan souk. Not that I’ve ever been to Morroco, but it’s how I imagine it would smell wandering around the spice stalls. It was enough to prolong the summer holidays for just a little bit longer anyway!

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What do you do to help you prepare to go back to work after a holiday? Let me know in the comments section.

I am not paid for any of the reviews I write and products that I review are paid for with my own money. Read more on my disclaimer page.

Rewards – What to Choose?

I’ve written previously about rewarding myself for achieving my weight-loss goals and I’ve had some great responses from you about the kinds of things you like to reward yourself with.

Image courtesy of digital art /

Image courtesy of digital art /

Having taken a couple of weeks longer than planned to reach my latest goal, I’d actually forgotten what I decided on as my reward!  I’ve also previously decided on rewards that I then didn’t really fancy.  So I’ve decided to try something a bit different:  I’ve compiled 3 lists of rewards suitable for

1) Weekly Losses

2) Mini-Goals

3) Long-Term Goals. 

When I achieve any of these goals, I’ll simply choose a reward from the appropriate list.


Weekly Losses

  • flowers
  • listening to some music for 20mins (whilst doing nothing else)
  • home facial
  • home pedicure
  • home manicure
  • Yankee Candle (sampler size)
  • Lush bath bomb/bubble bar
  • Herbal teabags – standard



  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Herbal Teabags – Premium
  • Book
  • CD
  • Trip to cinema
  • Yankee Candle – small jar/tealights
  • New Top
  • Bag


Long-Term Goals

  • Shoes
  • Day Trip
  • Massage
  • Pandora Charm
  • Yankee Candle – large jar

Now, I just need to decide what to choose as my reward for finally achieving my ‘5% since January’ mini-goal…

Rewards – Be Nice to Yourself

As per my previous post, I find it more manageable when I break my overall weight loss  goal down into more manageable smaller targets.  I also like to reward myself for achieving these goals.  I don’t know if it helps me to stay on track but, as the saying goes, it’s nice to be nice and I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t apply to being nice to yourself.

When I first started Weight Watchers, I would reward myself for having a good week by eating a great big cream cake, or a McDonald’s or something else that I wouldn’t spend my points on during the week.  I got into the habit of seeing the evening after my weekly weigh in as a bit of a “no man’s land”.Lush

At first, it started off pretty small, but eventually I was binging most Mondays after my weigh in.  A typical week would see me polishing off a large McDonald’s meal with thick-shake, a pudding or cake of some description and a chocolate bar (or two)!  Not only was this making me feel sick, but I realised that it wouldn’t be doing my weight loss any favours.

With this in mind, I have decided to stay on track even on the evening following my weigh in and to reward myself with non-food based items.

This month, I’m going to reward my weekly weight loss by having a bath with a fabulous bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush.  I really love these products as they make a bath feel really special, however they are quite expensive so it’s a treat to use them.

For achieving my January target of losing 4lbs, I’m going to reward myself with a back massage.  It’s a bit of an extravagance but they are so nice and at £15, I’ll be saving at least that just by not buying the items needed for my post weigh in binges!

How do you reward yourself for achieving your weight loss targets? I’m hoping to mix things up with my rewards as I journey towards goal so I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks for reading.