Starting Statistics

I’ve been back in the fat-fighting frame of mind since 2nd January now but I wanted to wait until I’d had my official weigh-in at my Weight Watchers meeting before posting my stats and targets.

Although I was actually looking forward to my first meeting of 2014, I was still (even after all my years of experience) a little bit apprehensive about getting on the scales and taking my current measurements.  But I took the plunge and this is what I found:

Current weight:    12st 6.5lbs

Waist:    36in

Hips:      43in

Bust:      42in

Arms:    13in

Thighs:  25in

So now I know what I’m dealing with, these are my targets:

Goal Amount  to lose Target Weight Date to be achieved by
January Target


12st 2.5lbs

03/02/14 (loss of   1lb/week for 4 weeks)
5% of current weight


11st 11.5lbs

10/03/14 (loss of   1lb/week for 9 weeks)
10% of current weight


11st 2.5lb

12/05/14 (loss of   1lb/week for 18 weeks)
Goal Weight


10st 7lb

21/07/14 (loss of   1lb/week for 28 weeks)

I have based the dates for each of my targets on a weight loss of 1lb per week which falls well within the Weight Watchers plan’s recommendations (of between 05-2lb per week).  I’m sure there will be some weeks when I do better but I want my targets to be realistic and achievable.

As I achieve each of my small targets I will be setting another one to help break my final goal down into more manageable chunks.

I was initially planning on my 5% being my first target.  However, as I was writing this post and calculated when I would achieve this, I realised that’s quite a long way off.  I’m hoping that setting a smaller goal for this month will be a good motivator in the meantime.

Here are my current pictures.  I plan to update these and my measurements monthly.

I think it is important for me to reward myself with non-food incentives for reaching my goals so I’ll give some thought to what these could be and will post about them later on this week.

Wk 1 Front     Wk1 Side

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