The Results Are In – Week 5

Weight loss:    1lb

Image courtesy of Ambro /

Image courtesy of Ambro /

Current weight:    12st 0lb

Weight loss since start:    6lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:    0.5lb

I’m really pleased with this result and here’s why:


What’s gone well?

I coped really well with an unexpected mid-week meal out choosing a Filling &Healthy friendly steak and replacing the chips with jacket potato (read my post about this here).

Following my chocolate-free January, I’ve eaten some chocolate most days this week but I’ve not gone mad on it and I’ve pointed it all.

I went to an engagement party on Saturday but drove instead of drinking.  I also ate before I went and although I was stood right next to the delicious smelling and looking Indian buffet all night – not one morsel of it passed my lips!

I stuck to my plan to deal with eating out yesterday by choosing a main and a desert from the ‘lighter choices’ section of the menu.

I tried on some trousers that were too tight for me at the beginning of January and they now fit so I’ll be wearing those at some point this week!


What’s been difficult?

My chocolate craving was back with a vengeance this week.  However, I didn’t let this throw me off track.  I simply reminded myself of my goals and my reasons for wanting to lose weight to help reign the craving in and I made sure I pointed everything.

The week ahead

I have a work’s night out on Saturday night where I intend to have a few drinks – following an extremely difficult half term, my team and I definitely need to let our hair down a little.  However, I’m very conscious that I want to achieve my next goal of being under 12st at my weigh in next Monday.  I know that if I drink too much it will:

a)      Make me want to eat rubbish on Sunday

b)      Make me not want to go to my box fit class on Sunday

c)       Make my dehydrated body retain fluid prior to my weigh in on Monday evening.

So, I’m going to have a few drinks but I’m not going to get really drunk so that I can still stay on track.  I’m also going to attend my first Park Run 5k race on Saturday morning to get a few extra activity points in the back.  I might even go for a swim and a spa following my class on the Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

PS  How do cope with a night on the tiles when staying on plan?

2 thoughts on “The Results Are In – Week 5

  1. Congratulations on the 1 pound loss and your successful/satisfying week!

    I generally don’t enjoy drinking as much as I did in my 20’s, so a few drinks sounds perfectly good to me! It is always tough to withstand cravings when drinking, and then the effects the next day can be no good.

    • Thanks Leanne

      I’m generally the same with drinking – I really can’t justify wasting a day feeling rubbish. You know what it’s like when you go out, have a few and get the taste for it though! 😉

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