The Results Are In – Week 11

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Weight loss:    0.5lb

Current weight:    11st 12.5lb

Weight loss since start:    8lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:    1lb

What’s gone well?

My fear this week was that after getting back under the 12st mark last week, I’d end up back in the 12st bracket this week which is what I did the last time I got under 12st despite vowing to never end up there again. So I’m delighted that this week I’ve actually managed to lose a little bit more.

I went to an unexpected party on Friday night but I’m really pleased with how I dealt with it.  I still went to my spinning class beforehand to get some activity points in the bag.  Then I ate my planned F&H dinner before we went.  I knew there’d be some kind of food there but I didn’t know what so I thought it best to play it safe.  I also bought a jar of peanut butter so that I could have a breakfast (peanut butter & banana on toast) the following day that I knew would hit the spot in terms of ‘the morning after the night before’ but without breaking the bank points-wise.

What’s been difficult?

I haven’t found anything to be particularly challenging this week.  If I’m really looking for something I suppose I’m not enjoying my spinning class as much as I used to due to a change of instructor.  I might go to the Body Balance class that is on after it instead as I think this will also help me to de-stress at the end of the working week.


The week ahead

Although I’m following the F&H plan at the moment, I’m not tracking what I spend my weekly points on.  I’ve been doing it mentally but I’m going to aim to track them properly this week.  I’ve also set my next goal which is to reach my 5% target by next week so tracking properly will really help me with this.

Thanks for reading.

PS Thanks for your suggestions about rewards, I’ll be writing a post based on these later in the week.

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