5 Steps Forward. How Many Steps Back?

Hi everyone.  I am still here but I haven’t had the best couple of weeks.  There have been a number of factors involved which I’ll explore/vent about in this post but as you can see from my last week’s weigh in (posted late due to my lacklustre mental attitude), this has had a negative effect on my weight loss journey.

So what’s gone wrong?

Firstly, I had a couple of weeks of feeling pretty rotten: headachy, feverish, sore throat, bad chest, achy and fatigued.  I felt like I was going to come down with a really rotten cold.  But I never did despite feeling like one was going to come for a good 10 days.  This lead to me not going running or going to my boxfit classes.  Feeling crappy also meant that at the weekends, I couldn’t be bothered to plan and cook healthy foods so I pretty much relied on takeaways and convenience foods.

The next factor is that I ended up going to the theatre 3 Friday’s in a row meaning I had to miss my spinning class 3 weeks in a row.  For two of these I wasn’t feeling great anyway but I probably would have gone and took things a bit easier that normal.

Finally, work continues to be extremely challenging and, true to form, I’ve been comforting myself with chocolate, biscuits and cakes in the evenings.  When will I learn that, in the long term, this does not make me feel better about myself?!

As I’ve been having little conversations with my conscience about these issues over the last couple of weeks, my inner voice has been smugly chirping ‘Excuses, Excuses!’ at me.  While annoying, this has actually helped me to not lose focus completely and I feel it has played a big part in helping me to nip this attitude in the bud and find the willpower to get myself back on track.

I’ve been back on track for 2 days now and went back to the gym last night.  As I’m starkly aware that my last 2 posts have been pretty bleak!I’m going to go away now and come up with an action plan for the rest of this week  to help make sure I resume moving forwards!

Wish me luck…

10 thoughts on “5 Steps Forward. How Many Steps Back?

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  2. Stick with it FFF!! I have found even when I’m feeling sooo rubbish, a quick 15 minute run (which is sometimes all I can manage) makes anything I’ve got lurking go quicker. Plus hot water and lemon by the gallon full helps me (and fills me up so I don’t eat crap even though I want to). I’ve also started using a nasal wash – my sinuses have never been so clear and pain free!! I usually struggle through the winter with food. Hopefully your motivation will return with the lighter evenings xx

  3. Make a public vow (FBook good for this!!) not to eat cake, biscuits, chocolate, crisps (or whatever your danger foods are). It’s not to late to join in with Lent you good lapsed catholic you! It’s brilliant for avoiding this stuff at work……xx

    • I did that with alcohol and chocolate in January and survived. The thing is though, I don’t want to give that stuff up completely – I just want to be able to eat a bit of it now and then rather than binge on it regularly.

      • Sadly I have no internal motivation; I have no concept of ‘eat a bit of it now and then’…it used to drive me mad when smug dieters would say “I only have 2 squares” or “Get a treat-size bag and have one treat-size chocolate.” Errr..no….it’s either the full pillow-size bar of fruit and nut, or the whole bag of treat size….xxx

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